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Germany - Luftwaffe

What You need

IL-2 version:
- 4.09

- UltraPack 2.01

Mediterranean War 1942-1943: Zerstörer campaign

Version: 1.1
Aircrafts: Ju-88C-6, Bf-110F-2, Me-210Ca-1, Me-410A
Lenght: 20 missions
Type: Semi-Historical

Events, dates and locations are historical, planeset is accurate, many ground and air units are used for recreating these dramatic battles for UP users. Flight plans are fictional.

Intercept, escort, patrol and ground attack missions against aircrafts and vehicles rin following theatres are planned:

Theatre 1: Malta
Theatre 2: Tobruk
Theatre 3: Invasion of Tunisia
Theatre 4: Invasion of Sicily

Installation: unzip into IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 folder. Select higher rank (Oberst)

Disclaimer: this pack is released "as is", and it is free distributed